25-28 March 2011


The Riders and Training

Ewen Cameron is a partner in a City of London solicitors specialising in commercial property. A former regular cavalry and yeomanry officer, he is a Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London and like Sir Robert Carey, a member of Her Majesty’s Body Guard of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, which has been the Sovereign’s nearest guard since 1509.
Major Neil Cross is a regular army officer commanding The King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, the ceremonial mounted battery that fires gun salutes on state occasions.


Preparation involves many hours in the saddle and less enjoyably, cycling standing up on the pedals and time on the Equicizer, (a sort of spring-loaded rocking horse designed for the training of jockeys). Minette Rice-Edwards with her endurance riding experience has been invaluable in the teaching of economy of effort in the saddle.


The Team

The Riders      
 Ewen Cameron, Neil Cross
Eveything Everywhere
Richard Hole, Mark Johnson, Alex Whitmore
Great North Ride Office
Clare Hibbit
Oxford University OTC
Ed Scrope, Ollie Perera
Gail Warren, Cheryl Warren, Elly Cross
Mike Robinson, Tom Roffe-Silvester




Colonel Ewen Cameron and Major Neil Cross with Falstaff and Lucy